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Legal Aid at your Fingertips!

Legal Resolved is a certified aggregator platform for legal service delivery, providing 360 degree solutions to individuals, corporates and lawyers.

Inception and Idea

Founded in 2016, Legal Resolved is a Gurgaon-based organization, with Satellite Office in HSR layout, Bangalore. The organization houses 25-30 employees working in various profiles like Business Development Manager, Marketing Executives, Operations personnel, Technical staff, etc. in addition to Legal Experts and Consultants. The idea of a legal-tech integrated company came from the unison of business interest with a sense of social commitment; a vision to revamp the legal services sector of our Country and accentuate the process of consulting a lawyer or getting a query promptly answered. The execution of the concept saw the integration of technology into the conventional system of seeking appointment and reaching out to lawyers, and Legal Resolved was born as the result of the same. Legal Resolved functions as an intermediary to connect clients with lawyers in their vicinity, in addition to providing free legal advice at the primary stage.

about us

    Right For Individual Clients: It offers specialised services to Corporates such as drafting and review of documents like Business Contracts, Term Sheets for seeking investments; assistance with Registration, ensuring Regulatory compliance, and all other ancillary legal formalities. We also give assistance to Start-Up companies in relation to the legal and procedural formalities of incorporation, such as drawing up of Founders’ Agreement.
  • Right For Lawyers: Lawyers can connect with each other and engage in social networking with their counterparts in other cities, and seek quotes from them in respect of matters of interest arising in other jurisdictions. Lawyers can also avail research assistance facilities from the in-house team, in respect of their requirements.
    The organization strives to become the de facto choice for legal requirements and queries of individuals and corporates, and to serve about 10000 customers seeking legal advice online, by the end of this year.

Thought and Vision

To make legal services including free advice, pre-booked consultation with top-notch lawyers, etc. available to all people at an affordable rate and without unnecessary hassle; and delivering quality legal assistance to corporate entities.

Social Causes

Legal Resolved believes in putting equal emphasis on their social commitments, and attempt to ensure that it is not overshadowed by the profit interests of the business. For this, the organization is in the process of initiating special programmes and tie-ups to assist those people who reach out to them for legal assistance but are unable to meet expenses of the procedure.

What We Do

  • Right Assist you find the best lawyer in your vicinity
  • Right Fix an appointment for you
  • Right Coordinate with the lawyers for your ease of consultation
  • Right Facilitate payment – no need to pay the lawyer for each consultation
  • Right Answer legal queries posted on our website (Free and paid both)
  • Right Opportunity to talk to our in-house lawyers before fixing a lawyer in your city
  • Right In-house case manager to ensure client satisfaction
  • Right Continuous follow-up
  • Right Accompany you and lawyer to Court if needed
  • Right Help to arrange marriage counselor in your city