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  • Legal technicalities after cheque is dishonored
  • What to do if you receive a “Cheque return Memo” from Bank
  • Send Notice to drawer
  • Act within 15 days
  • Explore amicable solutions – attempt to receive payment
  • Complaint to Court – when and how?
  • Get help from experienced lawyers – get in touch via Online Form or Direct Consultation

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Dishonour of a cheque is said to occur when it is returned by the Bank due to insufficiency of funds. When a cheque presented to the Bank is returned to the payee through his own Bank along with a “Cheque Return Memo” issued by the drawee Bank. There are several technicalities associated with the prosecution of dishonour of cheque, and it has to be born in mind while proceeding with a Court of law, such that a Notice must be served to the drawer...