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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CHEQUE BOUNCE CASESIn the present age,cash in hand is hardly preferred by people. Rather than this they will wish that there money is kept safe in their bank accounts. In such cases a negotiable instrument i.e. a cheque is used as a mode of transaction of money. With the increased usage of cheques,the problem of dishonouring of cheques saw a rapid increase,due to which the Negotiable Instruments Act was enacted in the year 1881. With the enactment of this act and hence the criminalisation of the act of dishonouring of cheques,the statistics have saw a fall,but yet this is a very common problem which prevails even today.What is a cheque?A cheque is nothing but a negotiable instrument and a bill of exchange payable on demand. It is an order to the bank to pay a specified sum of money from the drawer’s account,to the person in whose name the cheque has been issued,and is written on a specially printed form.The person who has issued the cheque is generally termed to be as ‘drawer’ and the other person,i.e. the one in whose favour the cheque has been issued is termed to be as ‘drawee’.What is a cheque bounce? A cheque bounce can be known by various names,such as dishonouring of cheques. A cheque will be known to be as bounced or dishonoured,in cases when it is given to the bank for payment,but you are not paid the money. This may happen due to a number of reasons,such as absence of sufficient funds in the account,mismatching of the signature,overwriting is done on the cheque,cheque is not genuine,the details are filled incorrectly,and many more. The provisions relating to cheque bounce in our countryIn India,bouncing of cheque is held to be a criminal offence and the acts of which are governed by Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act,1881.The punishment of cheque bounces under the actAs,the act is considered to be an offence,it is punishable with an imprisonment of 2 years or the fine is levied on the person which is equal to twice the amount stated in the cheque,or both.Cheque bouncing offence,if committed by the companyAs provided under Section 141 of the Act,if a company commits the offence of cheque bouncing,then it will also be held liable. In such cases,along with the company,every person who was involved in the discharge of liability will be considered to be guilty of the offence. Vital ingredients for cheque bouncing to be constituted as an offence• The cheque must have been issued for fulfilling any liability or some legally enforceable debt.• It must have been presented to the bank within its validity period.• The drawee must have issued a written notice of demand regarding the dishonour of cheque by the bank,to the drawer within 30 days.• Then,from the date of receiving of such notice,the drawer must have failed to pay the amount to the drawee,within 15 days. Who is capable of filing a complaint regarding cheque bouncingAfter the expiry of 15 days,the person whose cheque has been dishonoured by the bank,be it for any reason holds the right to file a complaint before the magistrate of appropriate jurisdiction.This complaint should have been filed within 30 days after the lapse of the 15 days period.Jurisdiction for filing a complaintThe following places will be considered within the ambit of jurisdiction,when it comes to filing of a complaint:• The place where the cheque was drawn • The place where the cheque was presented• The place where the cheque was returned by the bank• The place where the notice of demand has been served.As held by a 3 judge bench of the Apex court of our country,in the case of Dasharath Rupsingh Rathod V. State of Maharashtra,any sort of complaints regarding dishonour of cheques can be filed only in the courts of the magistrate,within whose local jurisdiction the offense have been committed.So,the filing your case in the court of competent jurisdiction is very important. Fees to be charged by the court for filing a complaintThe fees which is charged by the court generally ranges between Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000. The amount charged depends on the amount of the cheque.Documents required for filing a complaintThe following are the documents required to be attached with the complaint,at the time of its filling:• The original cheque• The memo of the cheque return,which would be clearly stating the reason about the non payment of that cheque by the bank• Blueprint of the demand notice along with the original receipts of the portal• An affidavit which would be stating all the pieces of evidence Do’s and Don’ts in such casesA case of cheque bounce is a very general but crucial case. As,any wrong step or the non fulfilment of any required conditions may prove to be very heavy for you,in terms if fine and imprisonment. So,below are the do’s and don’ts which one should follow in case of cheque bounce.• Always remember that a cheque is valid for three months. So,produce it before the bank within this time period.• After the cheque has been dishonoured,send the notice of demand as soon as possible. Keep a proof of it safely with you.• Always pay the amount to the drawee,within 15 days of the receiving of demand notice. Ignoring this,may land you up in jail.• Always file a complaint within the requisite time period i.e. a period of 30 days. If you case and circumstances are exceptional,the magistrate will grant you delay. Otherwise,there should be no delay on your part. • Do not try to alter the amount mentioned in the cheque.• Do not try and alter or change the name of the payee.• Do not try and make alterations in the date mentioned in the cheque.• Do not try to alter or tamper with the signature of the drawer.• Do not make any other change or alterations in the cheque.The apposite way outIt is very general practice followed by people,that whenever their cheque bounces and being aware of the fact that it is a criminal offence,they happen to lose their capacity of rational thinking. This is what makes them panic and create a hype of the situation. In such conditions,people expect and search for a strong support,who can be by their sides and save them from the prevailing situation. In such a case,the best solution of getting out of these tough times happens to be,to go for legal consultation in india . This work can be best done by a lawyer or an advocate. They will successfully fulfil both the demands of yours i.e. a support provider and a situation saviour. Now,as already the person would be going through tough times,because of the fear of going to court,imprisonment and paying heavy amount of fines. And in such cases,if they don’t have any family lawyer,the thought of from where to find a good lawyer,who can save them,shatters them completely. As,they are not in a situation go,stroll,search and inquire about a Top lawyer For Cheque Bounce in India on their own.In such a situation,legal resolved is there for you,to fulfil every expectation of yours. Legal resolved is a legal platform with a great team of eminent experts in every field. We have the team which comprises of diversity. This is what makes us capable for giving you the best solution of every problem of yours. Apart from success being the end result,the way to success in not very easy. So,our team of the best Cheque Bounce lawyers in India will hold your hands and assist you in each and every step. Starting from the reply to the notice of demand,to the drafting of replies in the form of written statements,filing of any other required documents to the tiring and monotonous long lasting court process,our Top lawyers will be there with you. They will only sigh of relief once you succeed in your task. Our lawyers are such experts in drafting and presenting the case,that they will strategise your case and present it in such a manner,that it is cent percent defended on the basis of merits.All you need to do to get the advice,guidance,consultation or support from the eminent lawyers and advocates of our team,is to visit our website and register yourself on it as a client. This will open a wide range of options for you to choose from. You can approach our Top Cheque Bounce lawyers in India as a very minimal fee of Rs. 500. Apart from this and adding on to it,for seeking better guidance and consultation,you can also provide the proper details of your case. Also,you will not have a need to worry while stating the details regarding leakage and privacy issues,as all the details you will provide will be between you and us and will be purely confidential,as per the norms and rules of our profession. With regard to details,you can give all the basic details,which will be essential for your case like the cheque number,the date of issue of the cheque,the details of the person in the name of whom cheque was issued,your bank name and account number,the details of whether the cheque was a crossed cheque and such other details which is deemed to be necessary. Upon registering with us,you will receive a complete list of the top and the best cheque bounce lawyers in India,out of which you can choose from. To your bonus,the name list of these expert lawyers will be accompanied with their contact numbers and address,so that you don’t have to face any kind of hurdle in getting in touch with them. In case you have means and solutions to your problem and are not willing to hire a cheque bounce lawyer in India,and only wish to clarify any legal query related to your matter,i.e. relating to Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act,1881 then also our platform is open for you. Our team will answer your query to the best of their knowledge. All you need to do in this case is to post your query in the box provided for it,and our team of advocates and lawyers will get back to you with the best answer within a reasonable period of time. They will also make you aware of the best possible legal remedies and will always be available for your help whenever you will ask for. So,with such a service we provide to our clients,there place can be no better platform than ours,for the clarification of your query and seeking for consultation,guidance and support. Also,in such cases of cheque bounce,we have some special and discount offers in the box,just for you. As a benefit to you,you can avail the complete services of our team,i.e. from mere consultation to ultimate success at just Rs. 5000. This special pack is inclusive of all the processes,be it of drafting or of arguing the matter in the court of law. Make use of the best team offered by our platform. They have the capacity to think out of the box ways for your success. So,why to think much when such a hardworking team is available for you,just by following few simple steps? Just make the best use of the resources available to you and for you. Feel the magic our team does,by registering at our website today.
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