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    Everything Legal Simplified

Legal Query

    You can post either
  • Right Free Question which will be answered by our collaborating lawyers within 1-2 business days
  • Right Priority question (subject to payment Rs.100) which will be answered in the stipulated time mentioned therewith (From 30 mins-2 hours), and you can chat with our in-house lawyers.

Get in Touch

    Have a legal issue that you need to resolve? You can stop worrying and simply get in touch with us.
  • Right Give us a call on the Contact Number provided on the website.
  • Right Use the online Chat facility to talk to our case managers and leave your contact details; we shall get in touch with you promptly.
  • Right Explain your legal issue to our in-house lawyers.
  • Right We analyze the matter and help you identify whether or not you need a lawyer, and the specific practice area that is required.


    If you need a lawyer, we help you take things further:
  • Right Make payment of the token amount through the link we share with you
  • Right Get your appointment arranged with the help of our case managers.
  • Right Consult the lawyer and work out an action plan.
  • Right Regular follow up from our part to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Right All-round assistance to keep the entire process convenient and simple till the end.

Fee Estimation

In addition to consultation and queries, we also facilitate clients and lawyers to communicate with each other regarding their legal disputes and receive quotes of fees, from which they can choose any one that they find suitable.

    For Clients:
  • Right You only need to fill the all the requisite information (as an individual or as a corporate) in the form and a query will be directly sent to all the lawyers on our platform.
  • Right The interested lawyers will respond and quote a fees and a time period within which they could resolve the matter.
  • Right You can view all the proposals received, and choose the lawyer that you wish to engage.
    For Lawyers:
  • Right You can view all the requests received from clients through the App, and respond to requests that interest you.
  • Right You can view all quotes you have placed, and chat with the clients that accept your quote.
  • Right You can also engage other lawyers in local jurisdictions to deal your case in their respective areas, in case you are personally unable to attend to the same. Chat and quote of fees are also available on this platform.
  • Right Lawyers get to connect with clients and other lawyers, as per your requirement.