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2018-07-17 14:59:58

Gap year is a taking off year before joining the college/university. Gap between studies can cause because of numerous reasons, for example, Gap because of occupation, because of different exams and some more.

After the Gap year when the understudy willing to take confirmation in College/University then they request to give Gap year Affidavit expressing the explanation behind the Gap and furthermore proclaiming that the Applicant has not taken admission in any College/University during his/her sabbatical year.

As the name recommends, a testimony for gap in training sets out the reasons in the matter of why there was a gap in your consistent instruction. This gap should be uncalled for, and ought not have happened in the common course of things. A gap year can likewise be comprehended as a gap or break taken from academics to seek after different things, for eg: an occupation, voyaging, photography, seeking after any leisure activities at all or perhaps taking multi year or two off to plan for placement tests for admissions to lofty universities in the nation. All things considered, there are additionally times when individuals have scholarly gaps as a result of money related limitations at home, which caused obstruction in seeking after studies.

When Do You Need A Gap In Education Or Gap Year Affidavit?

On the off chance that you happen to be one of the individuals who proved unable, for reasons best known to you finish your normal instruction then you have to swear this affidavit. In the event that any of your general courses couldn't be taken care of or finished inside the stipulated timeframe then you should make this affidavit. You would require this sworn statement on the off chance that you have a gap in your scholastics say for eg: you required significant investment off to get ready for focused exams. Most colleges request the gap in instruction sworn statements in the event that they get applications from understudies who have a break in their examinations and couldn't complete their investigations inside the recommended time allotment. On the off chance that you wish to bring inductions into a school after an impressive break, you should present this affirmation to the concerned authorities.


Gap year Affidavit is normally required by all the Gap year Applicants keeping in mind the end goal to give to the University. It is seen in the students as an issue to get the Gap year Affidavit so for their Convenience an online portal has been set up in which the Applicants can get their Affidavit by simply by sitting at their home.

Have a look at How it Works–

STEP 1- Visit to the official Website and Click on Create Gap Year Affidavit.

Stage 2 – Fill the Form, planned safely to catch the Data.

Stage 3– Review the Form and if fulfill Make Payment (online/offline)

Stage 4– Your Affidavit will be drafted and will be sent to your enlisted email address for your Review and Approval.

Stage 5– Once the Affidavit gets affirmed, your affidavit will be set up with the important e-Stamp Paper for it and conveyed it to you.



Affidavit is a composed Statement in which Deponent vow or Affirmation his/her Statement. Much the same as prior individuals used to take pledge before god OR likewise we can consider the case of Courts by taking swear of Bhagwat Geeta. Testimony for the most part expresses that everything is valid and right and trustee sign the Affidavit by taking an Oath. .


The Following are the important focuses ought to be incorporated while drafting Affidavit:

  • Full Name of Applicant/Deponent.
  • Date of Birth of Applicant.
  • Full Address of which the Applicant is making Affidavit.
  • Duration from which the Applicant is residing at the concerned address.
  • Declaration of genuine and true Statements.



What Is To Be Included In A Gap Year Affidavit?

Like all testimonies, even this specific testimony, to be held lawfully enforceable, must be sworn before a man legally approved to manage promise/oath eg: a legal notary public . The individual so making the affirmation is known as the deponent. In the gap year sworn statement, the deponent needs to mention the accompanying

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Name of parent or guardian
  4. Place of habitation
  5. Details of the exams cleared and year of passing
  6. Period amid which gap was taken amid education
  7. Purpose of taking a gap
  8. A declaration that candidate was not doing anything illegal or anti-national,
  9. An attestation that the deponent is putting forth evident and bona fide expressions and everything expressed is consistent with the best of his/her insight.

How to Make the Gap Year Affidavit Legally Valid?

When you are finished making the affirmation, you need to get it imprinted on a Stamp Paper of the section proposed by the specialists concerned and furthermore need to get it appropriately legally approved by the legal official open. To make an oath for Gap in Education, you can put a demand with us and our group of legitimate specialists will draft the same for you. We can likewise print this sworn statement on a stamp paper and convey this to your address.






I (UR NAME), s/o or d/o (UR FATHER’S NAME) residing at (UR ADDRESS) do solemnly affirm and state on oath as under:


  1. That I have  passed the 12th from BOARD in the year 2006
  2. That after passing the aforesaid examination in the year  I did not join any school/ college /institution from MAY 2006 till JUNE 2007
  3. That the session 2006 to 2007 is the gap year
  4. That during this gap period, I was doing self preparation for competitive examinations
  5. That during this gap period , I was neither studying anywhere nor passed


I, (UR NAME) do hereby solemnly affirm that the contents of this affidavit from paragraph 1. to 6 are true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge and belief . I do understand that if the above affirmation is proved to be false , my admission in this company would be cancelled for which I solely will be responsible.


Identified by,



ADVOCATE’s signature with seal                                                   Notary seal and signature

Location and state                                                                              location and State


Sworn before me





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