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Each one of us grows up with a dream of building our own house one day. We put in efforts, time and above all our life’s money into making it perfect. However, let’s face the fact that the whole process can get overwhelming at times. There can be shortage of material, wheher might not stay put and above all, your builder might create issues with money or construction pace.
When rest of the things can be sorted out, builder’s disputes can become big and problematic. However, you may seek legal help if any builder creates issues for you. It can be any reason- you’re not happy with the pace of the work, your builder is not using good quality material or is not constructing the house as per your wish. You can go for legal consultation and take proper steps towards it.

  1. First and foremost step to take before seeking legal aid is to talk to your builder. Try explaining to him your perspective and the kind of work that you’re looking forward to. Make him clear that he should be transparent with his work and money.
  2. Come out for a solution between you two. If the pace of the work is slow, decide a date to which builder will render his project. If there are issues with money, keep the transaction open in front of you.
  3. Make sure to the builder that you can easily seek legal consultation over the matter if the situation goes out of hand. You should be mentally prepared to take legal actions on him for the dispute.
  4. If the builder still doesn’t respond or listen to you, check if they are a member of any legal association where you can complain about them. There are usually builders association that seeks the matter of building and construction dispute.
  5. If not, then without further delay you can seek court’s help. Pick a lawyer for yourself that can take care of the matter in his or her own hands. Legalresolved is the place where you can find a lawyer that fits under your budget and also helps you out tackle the situation with appropriate legal advice.

Small claim courts with the help of your lawyer will settle this down. Once the order from the court is passed, the builder cannot out stand it. He would be legally bound to do it or else serious steps will be taken against him.

Builder Disputes

Is your hard-earned money caught up with a builder who is not delivering your dream home at the promised time? Get duly compensated for the delay or claim reimbursement of the amount you paid, with interest. Claim it all by filling out this form.