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Cheating partner or better known as Adultery is an intentional consensual relationship amid a married individual and somebody who is not his/her legal partner which is lawfully wrong and illegal offence.
The act of adultery or cheating partner is an offence which violates the marriage promises and is harmful to public ethics. It is considered as unlawful in some nations and certain statutes have been passed to keep an eye over such cases. Although cheating partner is not a crime, it may have lawful consequences and the individual concerned may be penalized and punished especially if the case is pertaining to divorce.
The entire procedure of separation that starts from managing up with emotional ups and downs to disputing for the long anticipated divorce decree for several months is definitely a tough affair to get through. Before opting for a divorce you should be aware of the fact that a divorce procedure in India extends for almost a year and in some special cases of disputes the procedure may continue for years. The long disturbing course of annulment will be easier for you to handle if you have a stable determination to get the divorce and to ease this progression we can help you by providing legal aid to overcome this hardship.
Do these scenarios sound similar or familiar? If you have dealt with infidelity of spouse in your marriage you know firsthand how devastating it can be infidelity is not a simple problem and it cannot be fixed with simple cure though that is what we often desire.
Cheating spouses is one of the most frequent happening incidents nowadays which has arose as one of the most common ground for divorce.21.8% cases are because of the reason of infidelity .
Though this trauma is very frustrating and to get out of this legal resolved is there with best legal service to assist you in case of cheating husband/wife.
Adultery or cheating partner is covered under –
Section-497- Adultery “Whoever has sexual intercourse with a person who is and whom he knows or has reason to believe to be the wife of another man, without the consent or connivance of that man, such sexual intercourse not amounting to the offence of rape, is guilty of the offence of adultery, and shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both. In such case, the wife shall not be punishable as an abettor.”
So to avoid legal complexities and to make this process less traumatic you can take legal help when get cheated by partner.

Cheating Husband/Cheating Wife

Wondering what you would need to proceed legally against your partner being unfaithful to you? Tackle the infidelity of your cheating husband or cheating wife and find your way out of the hardship. What evidence in Court could help you file a case under the IPC or get a divorce? Fill this Form and let us get back to you.