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Bad cheque due to insufficient money in the account of the drawer or for other motives is sources for lot of complexities in the trade, business and MSME sectors.

To solve this problem legal resolved provide you legal services where best lawyer provide you legal advice with higher probability of success on your side.

There are lots of instances where a person may have taken all useful precaution; but despite of all this cheque can get dishonored from your system. Main crux for this cheque bounce cases is not enough funds, or may be the bank account has been deleted or closed. There are lots many reason that apply initially to bad cheque by individuals including calling the customer, sending a certified letter, or contacting the bank.

Bounced cheque is slang in the commercial transaction or for the cheque that cannot be processed because of various reasons.

But in this messy life it is a real hardship to get a good lawyer to solve this cheque bounce cases there is legal resolved to provide you top legal aid for cheque bounce.

Cases of bad cheque are frequent in today time. In most of the matter be it re-payment of loan or compensation of fees for commercial purpose, payments are made by cheque these cheque holding large amount remain unpaid and are return by the bank on which they are drawn. For such cases punishment is provided in section 138 of negotiable instrument act, 1881 to avoid such difficulties we need legal consultation which you can easily access through our online portal

The addition of the statutes proscribing the cases of cheque bouncing was done with to deter people from dishonoring cheque and to safeguard reliability of cheque. But with pending of an approx. 4 million cases and limited time frame for winding up of these cases being 2-3 years, the attempt is resulting to be a letdown. So, penalizing the dishonoring of cheque bounce has not proved to be successful when it comes to our legal system. Clearly the policymakers did not take into consideration the financial crisis involved in the whole exercise.

So we come to the root of this question- what is the solution? Should we accelerate towards the civil suits for enforcing post-dated cheque and to the Indian Penal Code for criminalizing the drawer of a bad Cheque?

Do we really need law in the Negotiable Instruments Act to criminalize cheque- bouncing?

So due to lots of complexities and chaos it is always better to switch to the simple and hassle free solution that we provide under legal resolved with guarantee of success.


  • Legal technicalities after cheque is dishonored
  • What to do if you receive a “Cheque return Memo” from Bank
  • Send Notice to drawer
  • Act within 15 days
  • Explore amicable solutions – attempt to receive payment
  • Complaint to Court – when and how?
  • Get help from experienced lawyers – get in touch via Online Form or Direct Consultation

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Dishonour of a cheque is said to occur when it is returned by the Bank due to insufficiency of funds. When a cheque presented to the Bank is returned to the payee through his own Bank along with a “Cheque Return Memo” issued by the drawee Bank. There are several technicalities associated with the prosecution of dishonour of cheque, and it has to be born in mind while proceeding with a Court of law, such that a Notice must be served to the drawer...