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They say marriages are made in heaven. But so is thunder and lightning. — Clint Eastwood

A time comes when life takes a twist for the worst regardless of our best efforts. We may have wished different things from our life, but life's got its own plan as well. Nobody hopes for a bad marriage, but at times, that’s exactly what we are given and forced to face head on. A contested divorce is just what it sounds like: one or both spouses contest (dispute) some aspect of their divorce. Contested Divorce is a kind of most intricate of divorces, as it involves spouses that can't approach to a settlement on one or many issues of their divorce. It is the divorce where the spouses cannot agree on their divorce issues, and they end up in court, asking a judge to make decisions for them. Therefore, the proceedings of contested divorce take much time to come to a final decision and usually involve greater stress and higher legal fees.

Divorce becomes a common solution to every matrimonial issue. Special laws are there to tackle with these issues. India has also its roots to special laws. The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 is the origin of getting the legal procedure for divorce in a two ways i.e. the contested divorce and uncontested divorce. Certainly, the easiest way to get a divorce is by mutual consent of the husband and wife i.e. by uncontested divorce. Though, at times, the states of affairs are not that trouble-free, the conditions are not that easy, and the other spouses themselves may not find it simple to handle as well. In such situations, to follow the contested divorce procedure under the Hindu Marriage Act remains the only option to deal with it.

Spouses are not legally allowed to file a case for a contested divorce citing any grounds it thinks is good enough to lawfully take apart from his/her partner. To file a contested divorce in India the spouses are required to know and follow certain specific grounds as laid down in the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and only under these grounds a contested divorce can be filed in Court.

Consulting a trustworthy divorce lawyer of choice can be cited as the first step of a person's journey towards obtaining a contested divorce. Why don't you make this journey of yours a simple and easy one by receiving the best legal help from the Legalresolved. Hiring an experienced legal consultant from across your city is the main service that legalresolved is dealing with. Every lay man, starting with explaining the whole marital status to concluding with the legal procedure, would require to have legal advice and legal aid from a divorce lawyer who would advise correctly as per law and in the person’s best interest. And legalresolved is always there to give such services to satisfy your needs.


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    If you are attempting to exit an unhappy marriage, but your partner is unyielding; or if your spouse is pushing you out forcibly but you wish to hold on, reach out to us for legal assistance. Contested divorce is that wherein one party files for divorce, but the other party is not willing to separate by divorce, and contests the petition in Court. The process is comparatively more cumbersome, and involves more Court procedures and paperwork....