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India being secular country supports various cultures and religions. There are divorce rules for every religion in India and all the religions have their own divorce laws which are valid among them, apart from this there are also marriages with parties belonging to other caste or religion.

Divorce in India is governed by Special Marriage Act, The India Divorce act, Muslims Marriage aAt, Parsi Marriage Act, Hindu Marriage Act, and Divorce act which make available rules for the annulment of the marriages on grounds such as non-fulfillment of compulsory situations. The India Divorce Act needs validation from the High Court to come into influence. Divorce cases in India basically come under four different grounds which are- Desertion, Impotency, Adultery, Cruelty and Chronic Diseases.

The term Divorce can be interpreted as a judicial declaration dissolving a marriage in whole or in part, especially one that releases the marriage partners from all matrimonial obligations. In our nation, a annulment can be arranged prior to the conclusion of one year from the day of matrimony, but a divorce cannot be. Though there is an exception of this if there is extreme hardship in marriage and party cannot further live together then they can file divorce prior to one year. Essential prerequisite to grant divorce is that there should be a valid marriage between the parties, after carrying out all the ceremonies/traditions in harmony with custom.

Divorce procedure can be very chaotic and stressful or it may continue for years. Your case or situation will influence the duration and cost of your separation. The divorce process is initiated when one of the parties files a divorce complaint on the other partner. If the spouse who get the complaint is not in consent with divorce, then you'll need to defend your case through the litigation and consequently trial. Then is the time to get legal advice and make it simple. Get a legal consultation, things will be much smoother and comfortable.

Question is if divorce is needed or not to end a marriage, the answer shall rest upon the situation that the couple is in. No two circumstances are same, as are no two divorces. Unfortunately, there are different conditions which make a separation unavoidable. That is time to hire best lawyer from legal resolved providing you best legal aid, with guarantee of success.

Conflicting to the belief, the tie of marriage can be annulled in more ways than one, which comprises out of court settlements- easier and cheaper solutions. A long drag court matter is not the only choice accessible to a parties aiming to finish their matrimonial relation.

Keep calm in such situation let us be your guide to make this hardship less hard though we know we can't lessen the mental trauma but surely we assure you we will bring you out of this.