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In India people have common misconception that workplace harassment mainly includes Sexual Harassment at workplace, but this is not the thing because harassment against the employees is not restricted to the sexual alone. There are numerous classes that can be enclosed under the purview of harassment at office against the employees due to which the workers have to undergo degradation and are often oppressed by their respective superiors.
So exploitation at workplace can be differentiated into various dimensions which cover both sexual and non-sexual harassment.
Number of acts come under the domain of Indian labor laws which cover a large number of acts under its purview and subsequently labor laws are enclosed under the concurrent list of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India, so both central and state governments have authority to pass their own laws on relations between the laborers and relating to issues of the employment.
So there can be harassment by deduction of unreasonable wages by employer which is governing by various laws.
Hiring an experienced employment salary lawyer for legal consultation is the best way you get peace of mind when dealing with labor and service matters.
Various laws which deal with employment salary matter are-
Payment of Wages Act, 1936 is statutes which provide remedy against the arbitrary and illegal deductions made by the ‘Employer’ or baseless delay in payment of wages.
Section 5 of the Act lay down the Time of payment of salaries- Appropriate payment of wages should be made within time. If manpower is less than 1000, then 7th day of the month and if more than 1000, then 10th day of the month.
Section 7-13 interprets the Deductions- No unreasonable and unauthorized deductions should be made from the wages.
Real question lies how to implement such law and the practical difficulties that is the time when you can access the legal service of our company to get best legal aid to solve your problem regarding employment salary.
 Unlike the misconception most of the entity do take this into deliberation and offers the remedies to the distressed, which may vary from place to place.
Some of the remedies that can be provided are listed below:

  1. Injunction of that particular practice.
  2. Actual and Compensatory damages can be paid for the loss suffered.
  3. The perpetrator can be asked to compensate from out of pocket expenses.
  4. Promotion and Incentives can be provided by the Enterprise.

Thus we see that Indian Labor statutes not only initiate Sexual Harassment At Work into concern  but also all other kinds of harassment that can occur at the workplace as specified above. Certain statutes have been laid down by the government leading every issue to protect the interest of the employees and workmen in almost every sector of the industry.

It's quite common nowadays for corporations to deny salary dues and stay full and final settlement of workers apart from adjourning or repudiating promotions arbitrarily. Use legal resolved to access best legal advice and employment lawyer or a labor lawyer in India for matters like recovery of salary dues, wage discrimination, sexual harassment  and Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) matters.


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