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Marriages are tough. Divorces…even tougher. Nobody enters a marriage thinking about a divorce in the end. Divorce is a procedure which legitimately ends a marriage and mutual consent divorce is the simplest way to end your marriage. If some are incompetent to cope with the harsh realities of marriage, the only justifiable option in front of them is to approach the Court and seek legal separation by way of mutual consent divorce. Choosing for a mutual consent divorce is wholly intentional by both the parties. There may be plentiful of reasons owing to which a couple may agree to part ways and get legally divided from each other. However, the ins and outs for getting mutual consent divorce are irrelevant, and the most vital thing in obtaining divorce mutually is to jointly take decision for divorce by both the parties with mutual understanding and agreement. Like every state, India also has its own special laws and the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 deals with the provisions of divorce for Hindus. To be more specific, the provision for Divorce by mutual consent in India has been included in Section 13-B by the Hindu Marriage (Amendment) Act of 1976. This section verbalized the laws and procedures for those who desire to go ahead with an uncontested divorce. The mutual consent divorce is the saver of time and money and will assist both the parties to take over the alimony or the maintenance issue as well as the child custody.

Parties wanting of Mutual Consent Divorce are always baffled as to how to start the process, role of court, terms and conditions of mutual consent divorce, issues of maintenance and child custody, duration of mutual consent divorce, place where petition for mutual consent divorce can be filed and other similar questions. So, why don't you approach Legalresolved which is a platform where you can flush out all the confusions regarding any legal matter you want? It is an online platform formed with an aim to provide legal aid to you at a lower cost and at nearby places to the jurisdiction of your case. Taking any legal help from Legalresolved would guide you to understand the ineffectiveness of long drawn litigation and thereby proceed towards mutual consent divorce. If you are in need to pick the best legal consultant in order to have the best legal advice, just go for Legalresolved and get free legal consultation.


  • Mutually file for divorce settlement
  • Must have lived separately for at least one year before filing
  • Joint Statement and Affidavits
  • File First Motion and Second Motion (after 6 months)
  • Clear agreement between parties on custody of children, return of ‘sthreedhan’, property, alimony, etc. – drafted perfectly and unambiguously by efficient lawyers
  • What if one party withdraws?
  • Get help from experienced lawyers – get in touch via Online Form or Direct Consultation

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If the only thing you and your partner seem to agree on is that you could not agree on anything, then yes, your decision to move separate ways might be the best for yourselves and your kin. If no attempt at reconciliation seem to work, and you need to seek separation, the best option is to go for mutual divorce. It reduces the time involved, eliminates the tedious process of trial and allegations, minimizes the number of Court visits, and spares...