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A property dispute can be defined as any legal dispute which involves property matter, where battle can be about ownership, possession and title. Dispute involving property is mainly about is immovable property where immovable means any property which is directly attached to the land.

Property dispute is one of the most frequently fought legal disputes in India where parties have conflict in relation to the property. Initially the parties themselves will attempt to solve the problem without the help of legal advice; if not will approach a property lawyer for legal consultation to solve property disputes by filing a case against the other party to dispute and continue with the court to get justice. At Legal Resolved you can reach out to many property advocates to give you best legal aid with attempt to make it simple and less chaotic.

Property disputes may contain some very precise legal matters, and property issues vary from person to person. You may desire to appoint an attorney if you want assistance regarding resolving any property dispute. Irrespective of who the parties are, or nature of legal issues involved, the aid of a lawyer is essential for these types of matter. Your advocate should be well-informed about the property laws in your state and can help you through the process, from filing your suit to trial, if essential.

The best remedy to avoid legal battle is to enter into deed of partition so that you don’t have to go to court; but if any such attempt fails:

  1. You can initiate partition suit demanding your share of the property.
  2. Or you can opt partitioned the property and divided by meets and bounds.
  3. Dispute may arise regarding the possession of property when it is claimed that property is not possessed lawfully or person on possession is not allowed to authorize the same.

To avoid illegal possession registration must be done with precaution to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Because of the frequent dispute of parties involving property matter, property disputes cover up a huge portion of legal claims filed each year. In many instances, legal remedies may comprise a compensation award to cover the plaintiff’s losses, or an Order asking one party to restrain a property defect or restraining a party from doing something unauthorized. In most of the instances it is advisable to refer the lawyer because of its complexities.


  • Will/Contract/Deed/Agreement/Settlement/Property Documents and other
  • Review by lawyer – before you sign
  • Verify all property documents - previous sale deeds in original (for sale, Home Loan, etc.), Joint Development Agreement (in case of apartment built on another developer’s land), General Power of Attorney (for sale, Home Loan, etc.), Latest Tax Paid Receipts, etc.
  • Address procedural formalities – like mutation
  • Ensures that the terms are not unfavorable
  • Service by eminent and experienced lawyers
  • Easy to use - upload your documents, fill out a form, and make an online payment.
  • Direct consultation also available.

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