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A Legal Notice generally means a notice specifying your opponent that you are arranging to sue him in case because the so called action is not fulfilled.

In recent times we come into into several litigations with entities/firms wherein initiating of civil suit becomes authoritative which we do generally file. There are two options either to proceed with lawsuit immediately or to opt for serving a notice upon other parties to serve the basic purpose of giving prior information of filing a civil suit in court. There are certain statutes which make it compulsory to send a legal notice before commencing lawsuit; otherwise that hearing will be void. For e.g. The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1938. Therefore it becomes necessary for us to know as to what is meant by Legal Notice, its format, method of filing.

Before you agree to initiate a court case, there are numerous requisites that you have to consider. The whole process can be troublesome with lots of complication so it is always advisable to send legal notice from lawyer. Now the sending notice process has also improved because of technology, as we can also send legal notice online.

However there are majority of matter which can be negotiated before trial. If you consider your case can be solved, you can reflect over option before you initiate your lawsuit. Some of these options are:

  1. Arbitration(e.g., an exchange of letters between the parties)
  2. negotiation; and
  3. conciliation

Compelling a case to court can be a costly and sluggish way of resolving your problem. Many a time substitutes as stated above may help out to decide matter without even going to court. No one wishes to waste their time & money in suing over matter which can be fixed by negotiations very well. These days, even corporations while arriving into contracts with persons/firms makes it compulsory on their part to agree on clause stating that disputes are to be fixed through arbitration instead of going to court.

However, when alternatives do not work, individual/entities don’t need to initiate a suit in court of law. Person may give a Legal Notice demanding action which he is required to do and giving clear information of initiating a complaint whereby there are probabilities of resolving of dispute through settlement avoiding law suit trials that run for years together.

Legal Notice is filed usually in civil matter. In criminal cases, no legal notice is served as between accused and government where action is taken by the State who is the supreme power.

However if you are pursuing civil suit against government you have to first serve government a legal notice. It is only after that you can file civil suit against government. But the process seems to be complicated when it comes to proper way in which notice has to be served so it is advisable to refer best lawyer for legal notice format easily accessible from our site .so stop worrying with the assistance of our top lawyer.


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Proper drafting and serving of Notice plays a vital role in any legal proceeding or matter incidental thereto, and the averments put across as against the party to whom the Notice is being served must be accurate, clear, and unambiguous to the best possible level. This will ensure that the matter intended to be communicated has been delivered in a manner that satisfies the legal requirements in respect of the same. To accomplish this, it is...