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    Scandals that put Indian politicians in the Line of Fire in 2017

Scandals that put Indian politicians in the Line of Fire in 2017

31 August 2017


Indian politics has never bored anybody any day ever, since the date of its inception which is certainly not something we can trace back to a specific date; but it remains undisputed that Indian politicians have constantly kept the population entertained with scandals and controversies. We might as well safely state that setting off scandals once in a while is one thing that all politicians, irrespective of party affiliations, have in common. This year has been no exception, and here we list out several scandals that politicians all over India got caught in, since the beginning of the year till this date:


·         The Kerala Health Minister Shylaja was recently slammed by the High Court in relation to the appointment of a member of the state child rights panel, stating that she misused her position to appoint a person of her interest. The opposition has since been making a hue and cry and demanding her resignation on the allegation of nepotism, but the Minister and her Party has been of the opinion that she has done nothing illegal and hence need not resign.

·         The Politics in Tamil Nadu has been in turmoil since the demise of former CM Jayalalitha, and now the State is raging in the question of several political dilemmas, including the unrest that followed her demise that eventually landed AAIDMK leader Sasiklala in Jail for amassing disproportionate property. The latest controversy arose when former Jail DIG D Roopa reported that Sasikala was being given special treatment and amenities in Jail and the Jail DGP refuted the same.

·         We are yet to be relieved from the violence that was unleashed by the disciples and followers of Baba Ram Rahim Gurmeet Singh, and the inaction of the Govt forces despite having had reliable knowledge that a conviction would be followed by terror. The High Court of Punjab and Haryana slammed the Khattar-led BJP Govt and PM Narendra Modi for its inability to curb and prevent the violence,  and went on to state that ‘Modi is the PM of the Country and not his party’.

·         The politics in UP has been in turmoil for a long time, and the current Yogi Adithyanath-led Govt has been in the line of fire for the tragic death of over 30 children at Gorakhpur this Month, and the Chief of the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur city came forward to say that at least 217 children have died in the month of August at the hospital due to a variety of reasons. The situation has led to nation-wide outcries since it evidences that the Govt had not shown in the matter of child and health care even a fraction of the vigilance that was showed off in the pretext of cattle protection.

·         The Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar got himself entangled in the land-for-hotels scandal in July 2017 and caused much furor in the political environment of the State. The JD(U) and RJD faced a rift distancing them from each other, and the former had earlier asked the accused to come out in public with facts proving his innocence. The scandal stems from the CBI case wherein Lalu Prasad, his wife and former chief minister Rabri Devi and son Tejaswi have been named as accused relation to transfer of three acres of prime land in Patna to the family by two businessmen allegedly in return for licenses to run two IRCTC hotels in Ranchi and Puri when the RJD chief was railway minister.

The list could go on and on when enumerating the controversies our politicians have caught themselves involved in, but on the brighter side, it is the power and transparency of our democracy that allws allegations against political leaders come to the forefront and make them face the line of fire head-on.  

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