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  • Drafting and serving Legal Notices
  • Efficient and experienced lawyers
  • Review of Notice before sending
  • Ensures compliance of legal requirement
  • Covers all necessary terms and clauses
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  • Assists in drafting Notice To Pay Mortgage Money, Notice by landlord to tenant for demand of possession of house after expiry of lease period, Notice of dishonor of Bill Of Exchange to drawer, Notice Of Retirement by a Partner, Notice of change of address of the firm, Notice By Guarantor To Determine Continuing Guarantee, etc.

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Proper drafting and serving of Notice plays a vital role in any legal proceeding or matter incidental thereto, and the averments put across as against the party to whom the Notice is being served must be accurate, clear, and unambiguous to the best possible level. This will ensure that the matter intended to be communicated has been delivered in a manner that satisfies the legal requirements in respect of the same. To accomplish this, it is...